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Biden Family Rocked After Explosive New Accuser Emerges

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is being questioned by the IRS about possible tax fraud. The investigation against the president’s sole living son is being headed by US Attorney David C. Weiss. He took leadership of the inquiry under former President Trump and has continued it under current President Joe Biden.

Recently, a lawyer representing a former IRS employee claimed his client had information concerning the improper treatment of a high-profile case and sought whistleblower protection from Congress. Clues in the context suggested it was related to Hunter Biden. Now a tax agency investigator is bringing accusations as well.

New Whistleblower Comes Forward

On May 15, supposedly the entire IRS investigation team working on the Hunter Biden case was disbanded. The fired employee’s lawyers wrote to lawmakers complaining about their client’s treatment. The team’s dismissal, according to attorneys Tristan Leavitt and Mark Lytle, was precipitated by their client’s whistleblower disclosures to Congress.

From 2018 until the team’s dismissal in 2023, a new whistleblower who is apparently an agent with the IRS’ international tax and financial crimes section worked on the Hunter Biden case, so the rumors go. The latest whistleblower apparently emailed Commissioner Daniel Werfel and other high-ranking officials, and the email was obtained by the New York Post.

In the email, the informant said he was removed from “a highly sensitive case after nearly 5 years” and claimed to have spent “thousands of hours on the case,” completing 95% of the probe and making sacrifices in his personal life. He claimed he and his husband were “publicly outed and ridiculed on social media” for their sexual orientation. He said that being removed from the case “for always trying to do the right thing” was “unacceptable.”

The agent continued by saying that he and his superior were continually attempting to bring the probe to the attention of higher-ups. His claims that they were never taken seriously by higher-ups was “troubling and unacceptable.” He claimed their removal from the investigation was to appease the US Attorney and DOJ, who he believes “for some time [have] been acting inappropriately.”

IRS Denies Allegations

As for claims that Commissioner Werfel was interfering with the inquiry or retaliating against the whistleblowers, he strongly refuted them. Fox News has a letter from him where he promises not to meddle in any way that might affect the status of a whistleblower.

Werfel continued by saying the IRS “follows the direction of the Justice Department” regarding federal judicial proceedings.

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