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Fake Marshall Arrested At RFK Jr. Event In Los Angeles

A man carrying two holsters on his shoulders, each containing loaded handguns and additional rounds of ammunition, was apprehended by the Los Angeles Police. The individual asserted that he was a U.S. Marshal and a member of the security detail for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is presently running for the Democratic nomination for the presidency. This incident took place while Kennedy was participating in a Hispanic Heritage event in Los Angeles.

The identity of the individual who was observed by authorized security personnel carrying a U.S. Marshal badge and a federal ID tag remains unknown to the police. The security team, unfamiliar with the armed man, quickly raised concerns regarding the safety of Kennedy.

This arrest has underscored a significant inconsistency within the Biden administration. According to legal norms, prominent presidential and vice-presidential candidates usually receive Secret Service protection. Despite the tragic history of both his father and uncle being assassinated, President Joe Biden has declined to extend Secret Service protection to his political rival.

Kennedy has repeatedly urged the administration to furnish him with protection, and he reiterated this request after the incident on September 15 at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles. Kennedy expressed his gratitude to his private security team, Gavin de Becker and Associates, for their swift and effective response. He also extended his thanks to the LAPD for their prompt arrival at the scene and for ensuring the apprehension of the armed impersonator occurred without any untoward incidents.

Formal charges have not been disclosed as of now. The LAPD collaborated with the Federal Bureau of Investigations to decide which entity would take the lead in the inquiry. Presently, the LAPD is the principal agency involved and has indicated that the individual is expected to face charges related to firearms possession, as openly carrying a gun is prohibited in California. Additionally, other charges, such as impersonating a Federal agent, are anticipated to be filed in due course.

Kennedy and his team assert that the heavily tattooed person in question did not issue any threats or display a firearm during the incident. This marks the initial instance in which Kennedy has openly acknowledged the existence of his private security detail, despite having been photographed alongside individuals sporting the GDBA logo. Notably, this firm has made substantial contributions to the Kennedy campaign, amounting to $4.5 million, directed toward a super PAC established to support Kennedy’s candidacy.

Kennedy is viewed as an underdog in the race to contest Biden for the nomination. According to a poll unveiled on September 6, a significant 76% of Democratic voters express their preference for Biden, whereas only a mere 9% back RFK Jr. The left-leaning polling organization, Morning Consult, suggests that Biden still needs to make considerable efforts to bring the party together as he prepares for a likely showdown with former President Donald Trump.

In terms of nationwide polling, it indicates that Trump currently holds a narrow lead over Biden. However, it’s worth noting that polling data has sometimes been misleading in the past, particularly in gauging the level of support Trump garners from individuals in middle America.

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