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Gaetz Wants To Hold Who In Contempt?

Representative Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, is getting ready to submit a resolution that accuses New York City attorney Mark Pomerantz of misconduct during his appearance before a House panel. Pomerantz, who had previously served under Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in the investigation involving former President Donald Trump, refused to answer numerous questions from the House Judiciary Committee last month. He cited his Fifth Amendment rights and expressed concerns about potentially violating rules regarding confidential information if he were to provide answers.

Gaetz has strongly criticized Pomerantz’s testimony, accusing the prosecutor of attempting to manipulate charges against Donald Trump. In an interview with Fox News Digital, Gaetz argued that the existing evidence does not substantiate the charges, and he highlighted the fact that Pomerantz had initially left the investigative team to write a book about it. 

However, Gaetz expressed his frustration with Pomerantz’s decision to invoke his Fifth Amendment right and refuse to answer specific questions. Gaetz further contended that Pomerantz had effectively waived that right through his previous actions.

Gaetz went on to clarify that contempt of Congress is typically invoked whenever someone refuses to answer questions for what he considers to be a trivial or baseless reason. When questioned about House Speaker McCarthy’s potential support for a contempt resolution, Gaetz noted that McCarthy’s main focus at present is to retain his position as Speaker. 

Gaetz acknowledged that McCarthy has shown robust oversight thus far and anticipated this would persist in the future. Furthermore, Gaetz stated that many of his fellow lawmakers share the belief that the invocation of Fifth Amendment rights should be interpreted as a waiver in this context.

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