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VP Harris Thinks COVID At-Home Tests Will Be Out ‘by Next Week’

Vice President Kamala Harris, unsure of the “current information,” said she believes some at-home COVID tests might come “by next week.”

“They’ve been ordered,” Harris told NBC’s “Today” on Thursday morning. “I have to look at the current information. I think it’s going to be by next week. But soon. Absolutely soon. And it is a matter of urgency for us.”

When asked twice if that should have been done “sooner,” Harris repeated twice: “We are doing it.”

Harris stressed the unvaccinated need to get vaccinated when asked if the administration needs to change course on its response to COVID-19 pandemic.

“People are rightly frustrated with where we are,” Harris said. “We’re frustrated. We’re all frustrated.”

When asked about the administration charging course as omicron surges the COVID-19 cases to record highs, Harris suggested the administration is going to keep on its vaccination push.

“It is time for us to do what we have been doing,” Harris said measuring her words. “And that time is every day.

“Every day it is time for us to agree that there are things and tools that are available to us to slow this thing down. We are in the midst of a surge. That’s where we are right now. And so right now, we know we still have a number of people that, that is in the millions of Americans who have not been vaccinated, and could be vaccinated, and we are urging them to get vaccinated because it will save their life.”

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