Body of Va. Father Who Abandoned Car in Snowstorm to See His Son Found


The body of Jacob Whaley, the Virginia man who abandoned his vehicle to see his son during a snowstorm, was found frozen several miles away from his car.

According to The Hill, the body of Whaley, 34, was recovered in a “very dense pine plantation” after he had attempted to make the six-mile trek back home to see his son.

The New York Times notes that during the time of the inclement weather, Whaley’s vehicle broke down in Hanover County on Mt. Olive Road.

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office said it “immediately responded to the family’s request to check” for Whaley walking in the snowstorm in “both the roadside area along Greene’s Corner Road, the roadways in between and his residence.”

The sheriff’s office noted that the “county had 100 percent power outage and impassable roads” at the time.

But Jacob’s mother, Shannon Whaley, said that she is “so angry with this county,” and that “all they had to do was go out and holler for him.”