Young Cadet Dies During Spring Break

Young Cadet DIES - Tragic Reveal


A West Point cadet, Havin Morris, who disappeared during his visit to Florida for spring break, has been found deceased. The Fort Lauderdale Police found his body in New River on March 25, shortly after his parents reported him missing. Morris, aged 21, was last seen at Dicey Riley’s nightclub around 1 a.m. on Saturday night, where he got separated from his friends. Concerns arose when attempts to reach him the next morning failed, prompting his father, Hollis Morris, to be notified.

Hollis tried calling his son’s cellphone multiple times, growing increasingly worried as the calls consistently went to voicemail, indicating it might have been switched off. Concerned, he filed a missing persons report with the Fort Lauderdale Police later that day.

Upon the young cadet’s disappearance, local authorities promptly initiated an investigation. Utilizing social media platform X (formerly Twitter), the FLPD’s social media team urged the public to assist in locating him. A spokesperson for the FLPD informed KPIX News that their investigation led them to New River. Concerned about the situation, they swiftly deployed a diving team to scour the river for any signs of human remains.

“Divers located his body on Monday night. At this time, his death appears to be an accidental drowning, and no foul play is suspected.”

According to his tactical officer, Major Rebecca Gogue, Havin Morris was a talented and promising young individual with a bright future in the military. Originally from California, Morris commenced his tenure at West Point in 2020. Descriptions from numerous close friends on social media portray him as intelligent, humorous, sociable, and amiable. One person remarked, “Such a wonderful man.”

Although there are currently no indications of foul play, authorities are actively seeking details regarding the circumstances of Havin’s passing. The US Army Criminal Investigation Command is collaborating with FLPD officers in this ongoing joint inquiry.


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