House GOP Reps Calling Out Biden’s ‘Power Grab’


As President Joe Biden brings his Democrat delegation to Atlanta to rebuke Georgia’s passing of election integrity laws, Republicans are speaking out against the “power grab,” federalizing elections, and installing “the ability for Democrats to cheat.”

“This is nothing but a power grab to take the right and the constitutional authority of states to manage their own elections, and it’s a federal takeover of our elections,” Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends First.”

“It will install the ability for Democrats to cheat in the elections, at a time when states are doing everything they can to shore up election integrity. The Democrats now are coming in trying to dismantle all of that. It is shameful.”

Georgia has already lost last summer’s MLB All-Star Game at Biden’s urging last April, now the president is coming to Atlanta to unwind a state duly passing laws to protect elections.

“And of course, they’re coming to Georgia because Georgia is ground zero in this battle,” Hice added, noting the once deep-red state flipped to Biden in the past presidential election amid myriad Trump campaign allegations of election fraud.

Among the Georgia election integrity measures is voter I.D. to make sure only the legal voter is the one casting the vote on Election Day, or in early elections.

“It’s just ridiculous what they’re trying to do here to federalize these elections when it’s perfectly clear in our Constitution in Article Two, Section One, Clause Two that the state legislatures are given the right exclusively to set the voting laws in the states and in the union,” Rep. Buddy Carter, R-Ga., told Fox News.

Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., warned to The Daily Elephant’s “Wake Up America” that Democrats are seeking to rig elections for their party with their opposition to duly passed election integrity measures.

“Democracy to them is not about having two sides or multiple sides go to the ballot box — it’s about them winning and making sure Republicans lose,” Tenney told host Rob Finnerty. “That’s exactly what President Biden is going to do today in Georgia, to try to make it easier to cheat.”