Over 750K Homes Without Power After Winter Storm Hits South, Mid-Atlantic


More than 750,000 people were left without power on Monday after a winter storm rocked the South and Mid-Atlantic.

According to PowerOutage.US, as many as 757,000 people in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas were without power at around 3:45 p.m. Eastern time.

Virginia was noted as having the most people without power, with 444,600 left stranded, and North Carolina followed behind with 110,000.

The power failures come as the storm hits several states. In the storm’s core, 6 to 12 inches of snow is expected to accumulate, according to AccuWeather.

In addition to the power failures, more than 2,900 flights coming in or out of the U.S. have been canceled as of Monday, according to FlightAware. Airlines have also issued over 4,600 delays.