9 Children Arrested for Multiple Robberies

9 Children ARRESTED - They Were Plotting Together!


Schools nationwide are releasing their students for summer break, a time when children typically enjoy sunny days and cold treats. However, in California, it is reported that nine young individuals will spend their summer becoming familiar with the criminal justice system.

On May 21, officers from the Oakland Police Department spotted a vehicle linked to a recent robbery. Several individuals reportedly exited the car and entered a business. Once additional officers arrived, the suspects fled in the vehicle.

Using a helicopter, the authorities tracked the suspects, and four of them leaped out of the car. Following a pursuit on foot, the police successfully apprehended these individuals. Meanwhile, five others were arrested at the business. The suspects consisted of six boys and three girls, ranging in age from 12 to 17.

The teenagers are believed to be connected to a total of 32 robberies in Oakland, along with one in El Cerrito and two in Piedmont. Additionally, the police suspect their involvement in the assault and robbery of a 63-year-old woman. In that particular case, the suspects allegedly pushed the woman to the ground, attacked her, and stole her belongings.

According to law enforcement, Oakland has experienced a 7% rise in robberies throughout the city this year. Police Chief Darren Allison stated that the department encountered 100 robberies in just one week, including incidents involving assaults, carjackings, and shootings. In response to these crimes, the police have increased their focus on traffic and foot patrols, allocated more resources to youth-related initiatives, and considered collaborating with other agencies.

In January, The Wall Street Journal reported a significant increase in violent crimes involving juveniles across the United States since 2020. New York City, for instance, has witnessed a surge in offenses committed by minors. Last year, 124 juveniles were arrested for shootings, nearly doubling the number of arrests (64) in 2020. The number of homicides committed by children under the age of 14 has reached its highest point in two decades. Police departments, including Oakland, are now faced with the challenge of finding solutions to address this problem.


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