Airlines to Pay MILLIONS – Government Orders!


Perhaps nothing aggravates travelers more than finding out that their trip has been abruptly canceled by the airline. But that occurs frequently all around America. Customers became irritated and outraged since it happened more frequently during the pandemic. Several airlines are currently being compelled to pay customers by the federal government.

On November 14, the US Department of Transportation revealed six airlines will repay customers who had their flights canceled or delayed due to the epidemic for a total of more than $600 million. In a news release, the agency stated that it had received a deluge of complaints from passengers who were irate that airlines were delaying their refunds.

Along with the refunds, the government is also imposing civil penalties totaling over $7.25 million against the cited airlines.

  • El Al: $900,000 penalty, $61.9 million in refunds
  • Frontier: $2.2 million penalty, $222 million in refunds
  • Avianca: $750,000 penalty, $76.8 million in refunds
  • Aeromexico: $900,000 penalty, $13.6 million in refunds
  • Air India: $1.4 million penalty, $121.5 million in refunds
  • TAP Portugal: $1.1 million penalty, $126.5 million refunds

When an airline cancels a flight, travelers should promptly receive refunds, according to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. He stated that the Transportation Department will take action to hold the firms responsible if an airline refuses to do it.


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