Alleged Hunter Biden iCloud Leak Reveals Inappropriate Content


Hunter Biden has now been dressed less times than he has been nude. The uninvited gift that keeps on giving are the outright antics of President Joe Biden’s crack-addicted son. Hunter’s personal iCloud account was allegedly hacked over the weekend, according to 4chan members.

Basement dwellers on the anonymous, image-based bulletin board claim to have discovered a cache of debauchery that is beyond the comprehension of the human mind. This debauchery ranges from amateur smut one might find on PornHub to abominable behavior most would consider criminal and certainly not befitting of the middle-aged prodigal First Son.

The National Pulse originally reported that Joe used the email alias “Pedo Peter.” in correspondence with Hunter in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. The viral 4chan leak discovered an unusual contact that Hunter appears to have stored on his iPad: the Epstein-esque identity “Peter Henderson”

The term is taken from one of Tom Clancy’s well-known Jack Ryan novels, which features a fictional KGB spy who penetrated the American government. One of the main suspects is the country’s favorite hair-sniffing, septuagenarian grandfather who loves his granddaughter as Tom Brady does with his kid. He has after all acquired the derogatory moniker “Creepy Uncle Joe.”

However, a reverse search of the listed number with a Delaware area code turns up Hallie Biden, the widow of Hunter Biden’s brother Beau, with whom he had an unwise affair soon after the elder Biden passed away from brain cancer, according to the findings of several phone lookup services examined by Townhall.

Despite evidence to the contrary, Biden has consistently denied ever discussing his international business ventures with Hunter. Francis Person, an ex-Biden staffer who was close to Joe while he served as vice president, left a message for Hunter about business right there in Tiananmen Square for our Beijing website, according to a 4chan source.

After joining the CCP-affiliated Harves Group, the former Biden assistant worked on projects with the Washington-based company and Hunter on seven occasions over the course of two years. According to logs seen by The New York Post, trips between 2015 and 2016 included a Christmas reception with the Chinese CEO Bo Zhang.

Hunter’s blatant Disney villain-like reaction to his friend appearing to trick the legal system is very telling, dispelling any lingering doubts about his well-documented life of crime. Devon Archer, a Hunter ally who was found guilty of being “a key player” in a plot to steal $60 million in tribal bonds from a Native American tribe, rejoiced when his conviction was overturned in mid-November 2018. After telling Hunter via text that a federal court had overturned his conviction, Archer asked: “I swear to [G]od we’ll have the last laugh.” Hunter replied: “Can I please come see you now that I’m not a felon!?!”


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