Another Sport Bans Biological Males From Women’s Athletics


The door just shut on another possibility for biological guys who want to play women’s sports.

The International Rugby League made it official on Tuesday.

Transwomen (transgender) players are not permitted to participate in International Rugby League matches for women.

But it’s not always the last word. In order for the IRL to put into effect an official transgender inclusion policy, further study must be done before the regulation may be changed.

The organization will reexamine and revise the IRL’s regulations on transgender athletes’ participation.

Regarding how it came to its current conclusion, various pertinent trends in international sport were taken into account.

The IOC’s November 2021 Framework on Fairness, Non-Discrimination, and Inclusion on the Basis of Gender Identity and Sex Variations was one of many, but certainly not the least.

The IOC came to the conclusion that each sport’s governing body should be responsible for determining whether an athlete has an unfair advantage over their competitors while taking into account the unique characteristics of each discipline.

The IRL feels there is a duty and obligation to further consult and do more study before completing its policy in the interests of avoiding unwarranted welfare, legal, and reputational harm to International Rugby League tournaments and those participating therein.

Rugby isn’t renowned for its cuddling when it comes to that balance; male physical domination might turn very nasty, indeed.

Regarding the IRL’s choice, it comes after a significant action taken by the International Swimming Federation (FINA).

Transgender athletes were essentially barred from competing in women’s sports on Sunday by the world swimming governing body.

The new “gender inclusion policy” of FINA, which restricts swimmers who transitioned before the age of 12 from competing in women’s events, was approved by 71.5 percent of the organization’s members during the organization’s extraordinary general congress.


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