AOC Humiliated By Editorial Who Agreed With Her

AOC HUMILIATED - This is Embarrassing!


New York City stands out as one of the least affordable cities in the United States, with housing costs in the Big Apple soaring 228% above the national average, according to RentCafe.

Numerous areas within the city lack convenient access to fresh food, and possessing a car in the urban environment entails substantial parking expenses. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), commonly referred to as AOC, recently expressed concerns about the high cost of living in the city. In agreement, an editorial board attributed the issue to her political party.

In a town hall meeting held during Thanksgiving week, AOC remarked that those departing from New York City are typically not affluent individuals. Instead, she emphasized that they are working-class people who find it increasingly challenging to sustain their living in the city.

The congresswoman with progressive views proposes addressing the affordability crisis by imposing higher taxes on wealthy individuals. Essentially, her approach involves placing a greater financial burden on those who have climbed the socioeconomic ladder and achieved success.

In a strongly worded op-ed published on November 28, The New York Post Editorial Board offered a critical response to the congresswoman. While acknowledging agreement with AOC’s assertion about the city’s excessive cost of living, the board placed blame on her and the Democratic Party, accusing them of contributing to the situation.

The editorial board contended that AOC and her progressive associates advocate for an increase in factors that have led to the city’s high expenses. Noting her affiliation as a Democratic Socialist, the board highlighted that the Democrats in control of the city have recently announced comprehensive budget reductions.

To accommodate the migrants advocated for by AOC and similar individuals, the city will be required to reduce funding for sanitation services, the police budget, and various other programs. According to The New York Post editorial board, the expense of providing food and shelter for the migrants arriving in the city from the Southern border is estimated to exceed $12 billion by the fiscal year 2025.

They further asserted that policies such as rent control, endorsed by Democrats, have resulted in a shortage of housing. The board also criticized the congresswoman for state climate laws that, in their view, have contributed to the rise in electricity prices.

In summary, the board attributed the exodus from the city and state to the policies of their progressive leaders.


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