Arrests Made After Politician Gunned Down in Brazen Assassination Attempt

Suspects APPREHENDED - Hauled Away In CUFFS!


Alejo Vidal-Quadras, is the former leader of Catalonia’s Popular Party (PP) in Spain and was among the first members of Vox, the far-right party that founded the nation and now holds a sizable majority in the lower house of parliament. In addition, there has been a recent attempt on his life, and authorities have detained several suspects.

In Madrid, Spain, on November 9, Vidal-Quadras was shot in the face while on his way home from church. A motorcycle carrying two shooters was present. His jaw was struck by the bullet, resulting in two fractures. Thankfully, it spared the 78-year-old from more severe wounds.

Three persons were detained by Spanish authorities two weeks following the shooting. Two of the suspects are reportedly Spanish men, and the other is a British woman. According to the authorities, none of the detained suspects are thought to have fired the shot that struck the lawmaker.

The investigation has been turned over to an anti-terrorism court. There are suspicions that foreign governments—Iran in particular—may have been involved in the attempted assassination.

Vidal-Quadras was an ally, according to the Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, an Iranian opposition organization with headquarters in Paris, France, which placed the blame on Tehran. 

The victim was listed on a list of sanctions imposed by Iran in 2022 as payback for sanctions imposed by the European Union. The action was taken in the wake of Masha Amini’s death while being held by Iranian authorities who had detained her on suspicion of not donning a headscarf.

Vidal-Quadras’s property in Iran was to be seized, and the Iranian government forbade him from entering the nation. The penalties resembled those imposed on other diplomats. The targets of the sanctions were charged by Iran’s Foreign Ministry with supporting terrorism and terrorist organizations.

For a number of years prior to the shooting, Vidal-Quadras had not been involved in politics, but remains as an active commentator and columnist.


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