Biden Admin Spent Over $300 Million In Taxpayer Money to Fund Illegal Migrants’ Dental and Health Care

Illegal Migrants Get Free Healthcare - Taxpayers Foot The Bill!


After two years of inaction while the southern border wreaked havoc on the US, it is no longer startling to hear that President Joe Biden favored illegal immigrants over Americans.

In a yearly report made public by the U.S. The Biden Administration spent hundreds of millions of dollars on Immigration and Customs Enforcement to make sure that illegal immigrants were well taken care of.

The budget for the ICE Health Service Corps was around $324 million, a $8 million increase from the previous year.

In accordance with the report, the funds were used to directly care for nearly 118,000 non-citizens residing in 19 IHSC-operated facilities around the United States, with more than 1.1 million visits made during the fiscal year. This care included medical and dental services.

Once they have entered the US illegally, illegal migrants are given all necessary follow-up care in addition to an initial medical examination that includes a mental health needs assessment at the taxpayers’ expense.

These deluxe services are nonetheless provided to migrants who have been labeled as a public safety risk.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Washington State’s request to provide health insurance to unauthorized immigrants was accepted by the Biden Administration last month (ACA).

Regardless of immigration status, the state will increase access to eligible health plans and dental care.

Given that Biden offers lucrative incentives, it is understandable that illegal immigrants are trying to enter the country.

According to a report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, it will cost US residents an additional $20.4 billion a year to meet the so-called requirements of illegal immigrants.

The Biden Administration is being sued over a law that penalizes taxpayers for funding illegal immigration, according to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who stated he was doing so.

The Biden Administration, according to Paxton, is devoted to opening the borders to foreigners who are unable to care for themselves. Neither Texans nor any other American should be forced to foot the bill for these expensive immigrants.


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