Biden Campaign Enters Hostile Territory

Biden BOMBSHELL - This WON'T End Well!


In the past ten years, social media has emerged as a significant instrument for political campaigns. This trend is hardly astonishing, considering that the typical American allocates over two hours daily to their social media engagement. President Joe Biden’s campaign, in a bold move, chose to utilize this influential platform to disseminate his message.

Following his tenure in office, all the prominent social media platforms imposed bans on former President Donald Trump, citing allegations of disseminating aggressive language. This move did not perturb him in the least. The former President of the United States initiated his personal social media platform known as TRUTH Social. Subsequently, on October 16, the Biden Campaign made a post on Trump’s newly established platform.

It seems that Biden is employing the social media platform as a means to playfully provoke Republicans. The campaign has consistently shared fact-checks and additional informative content on this platform. Officials from the campaign informed Fox News Digital that they decided to participate on TRUTH to connect with voters on a platform where they are active. They emphasized that, given the GOP’s lack of consensus even in selecting a House Speaker, it’s evident that not all Republicans share the same views.

While Republicans may not consistently find common ground amongst themselves, they do exhibit a high level of unity in their disapproval of Biden. An early October Reuters poll revealed that 92% of conservative voters express their dissatisfaction with the president’s job performance. This sentiment is evident in the comments beneath the various posts made by the Biden Campaign on the platform.


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