Biden Campaign Joins Chinese-Owned Social Media App



President Joe Biden’s campaign for a second term remains committed to its choice to utilize TikTok despite worries about security and potential links to the Chinese government. This decision, intended to connect with younger voters, has ignited discussions regarding the potential hazards connected with the widely-used social media platform.

Rob Flaherty, the deputy campaign manager, praised the debut, hailing it as a crucial move in connecting with voters within a swiftly changing media environment. The inaugural post of the campaign, showcasing Biden addressing Super Bowl inquiries while mentioning Taylor Swift, amassed more than 5 million views, showcasing an auspicious start.

Nevertheless, apprehensions regarding security persist within the administration. National security spokesperson John Kirby reiterated the government’s position, stressing continuous worries regarding data privacy and potential external influence. Although he redirected inquiries about TikTok to the campaign, Kirby emphasized the broader implications for national security.

The FBI and FCC have previously expressed concerns regarding TikTok’s sharing of data, cautioning that the Chinese government might exploit user information. Acknowledging these risks, President Biden enacted a law in 2022 prohibiting the app’s usage on government devices, except for specific law enforcement and national security purposes.

At the same time, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States remains vigilant in examining TikTok’s ownership, emphasizing persistent endeavors to tackle security apprehensions linked to the platform. Despite these hurdles, TikTok maintains a vast user community in the United States, comprising 150 million individuals primarily involved in short-form videos and viral trends.

Senator Josh Hawley condemned the campaign’s choice, citing concerns about national security implications. He referenced President Biden’s prior prohibition of TikTok on federal devices, stating that the campaign’s action contradicts this stance.

In addressing inquiries regarding security precautions, the Biden campaign stressed its prudent approach to utilizing TikTok. The campaign stated that it employs a distinct cellphone solely for interactions on the platform, thereby ensuring a level of separation from other communication channels to minimize potential risks. Although further security measures have been enacted, detailed information regarding them was not provided.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre clarified that the administration was not informed in advance about the campaign’s decision to create a TikTok account, thus distancing themselves from the action.


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