Biden DOJ’s Plan To Make Trump Look Very Guilty

Crooked DOJ DESPERATE To Nail Trump - Plan EXPOSED!


On Tuesday, Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigative team carefully examined the collected evidence with the goal of presenting former President Donald Trump’s efforts to impede the transfer of power following the 2020 presidential election.

The analysis of the evidence was prompted by a need for an overview of events leading up to and following the conspiracy detailed in Trump’s indictment. This broader examination aimed to uncover Trump’s motives and strategies, particularly those intended to secure his continued presence in the White House after the presidential election.

Contained within the 9-page document are details outlining the prosecutors’ strategy to introduce various statements made by Trump, dating back to 2012. During that time, Trump sought to question the outcomes of presidential elections he disagreed with. Instances of him not fully accepting the results occurred in both the 2016 and 2020 elections.

Prosecutors are diligently working to underscore and bring attention to the evidence related to additional individuals associated with former President Trump. This encompasses supporters who actively promoted and advocated for a riot with the intention of targeting a voting center. 

According to the document in question, it has been revealed that a member of the campaign staff, associated with a certain political campaign, actively sought to instigate disturbances at the TCF Center. This particular effort was purportedly initiated once President Biden had gained the lead in the election votes. The document outlines the alleged attempts made by this campaign staff member to create disruptions, thereby providing a detailed account of the actions taken to undermine the electoral process following the shift in voting dynamics favoring President Biden.

Following this, Trump consistently claimed the elections were illegitimate, even though it was his supporters endeavoring to incite a riot in order to interfere with the vote counting process.


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