Biden Envoy Placed On Leave Over Classified Document Scandal

Biden OPERATIVE Placed On Leave - ANOTHER Scandal!


The media has been discussing the way government officials deal with classified documents for several months. Former President Donald Trump is currently facing 37 felony charges due to accusations of mishandling classified material. Recently, another official, the special envoy to Iran named Robert Malley, has come under scrutiny for not handling classified material appropriately. As a result, he was put on unpaid administrative leave on June 29, and the administration is now evaluating whether he should retain his security clearance.

According to Malley’s statement to CNN, he was informed about the suspension of his security clearance but was not provided with any additional details.

Matt Miller, a spokesperson for the State Department, verified that Malley is currently on leave, and in his absence, Abram Paley has assumed the position of acting Special Envoy for Iran. The exact reasons that led to the investigation of Malley remain unclear, and it is uncertain what actions he took to initiate the inquiry.

Malley has played a significant role in the administration’s endeavors to secure the release of detained American individuals, regularly communicating with their families and providing updates on their respective cases. This news emerges at a critical time as President Biden is actively engaged in negotiating a new nuclear agreement.

Congress is currently pressing for explanations regarding the alleged incident. On June 30, Representative Michael McCaul (R-TX) voiced his concerns, stating that the administration should provide clarification regarding the reasons behind Malley’s suspension without pay and the revocation of his security clearance.

According to the Associated Press, McCaul sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, requesting further information. He expressed significant concerns arising from the media reports surrounding Malley’s actions, questioning both his conduct and whether the State Department had provided misleading information to Congress and the American public. Additionally, McCaul emphasized that this issue is compounded by the administration’s disregard for Congress’s efforts to have more involvement in the Iran deal.


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