Biden Facing a New Challenger in 2024 Presidential Primary

Biden CHALLENGED - Paperwork FILED!


Minnesota Democratic Representative Dean Phillips declared his candidacy for the 2024 Democratic Party presidential primary on October 26. His aim is to run against the current President, Joe Biden. According to Fox News, Phillips completed the necessary paperwork with the US Federal Election Commission, and his official presidential campaign website was launched immediately following this declaration.

In a CBS interview, Phillips expressed his belief that President Biden has made significant contributions to the United States. However, he emphasized that he may not be the most suitable candidate for the upcoming 2024 presidential election. 

The representative suggested that if Biden secures the nomination, he could face the risk of losing the election. Phillips stressed that the primary focus of the electoral campaign will not revolve around past achievements. He also stated that he will take proactive measures in response to declining popularity among general voters and within the Democratic Party, as indicated by the numbers.

Dean Phillips, serving his third term as a congressman, has been consistently advocating in recent months for President Biden to step back from seeking reelection and make way for another candidate. After declaring his own campaign, the 54-year-old affluent entrepreneur faced criticism from certain Democratic figures. They argued that his choice seemed to align with the interests of former President and Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

As per a CNN report, numerous Democratic legislators found themselves taken aback by his candidacy announcement. The progressive network stated that his decision came at a time when Democratic leadership was actively working towards a unified front in support of the president’s nomination. CNN also pointed out that certain allies of President Biden expressed concerns that Phillips might serve as a distraction, potentially underscoring the issue of the president’s age as a vulnerability.

Steve Schmidt, a former Republican strategist now providing counsel to Phillips’ campaign, informed journalists that the Democratic candidate plans to conduct more than 119 town hall meetings in South Carolina, Michigan, and New Hampshire. 

In an interview with Fox News, Phillips contended that President Biden had imposed an excessive financial strain on all American citizens due to the increasing cost of living. Furthermore, he suggested that reallocating foreign aid packages destined for Israel and Ukraine could be a solution to address these domestic concerns.


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