Biden Goes Over the Edge at Latest Event


The problems facing Joe Biden just appear to be getting worse. However, they continue to have him around and don’t appear to care as much as they did in the past about preventing the problems he is continually presenting. He made a racist joke about airplane seats this week, got lost on the White House lawn, and said there were eight bullets in a round, among other alarming behaviors.

However, they sent Biden back to Pennsylvania to support Democratic candidates. Because of his desperation, John Fetterman is prepared to take a chance on Biden speaking out for him. At the annual Independence Dinner of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, Biden addressed. He was there along with Kamala Harris.

Biden attempted to claim that they had made progress, but his claim turned out to be a huge white lie. He made the patently false assertion that they have lowered petrol costs since he took government. Everyone is aware that gas prices have increased significantly since he took office.

Even so, he continues to tell lies about it.

He keeps referring to Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) as “Mary Kay,” it seems.

He has performed that numerous times. Paul Pelosi’s name was also mangled by him.

However, Biden finally called the Inflation Reduction Act the “Inflation Act” and stated that no Republicans supported it.

In 2018, Biden mentioned visiting all “54 states.”

How do we have someone in power who doesn’t even know how many states we have in our country? At least that’s three fewer than Barack Obama had when he stated there were “57 states.”

After finishing his speech, Biden walked to the edge of the stage and mimicked a jumping motion. Kamala Harris initially exhibits fear before deciding to pass it off as a joke.


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