Biden Leaves for Warm Virgin Islands While Americans Freeze to Death

Sleepy Joe Takes Trip To Virgin Islands As Americans Freeze


Even though the recent arctic vortex killed at least 60 Americans, the leader of the Regime still intends to unwind on St. Croix’s stunning beaches. More than just his taxpayer-funded vacation may be on your shoulders.

So far, he has vacationed on government money for 40% of his tenure as “president” instead of working.

During this leisure, the Biden family also intends to decide if the leader of the Regime will run for re-election.

Biden might use this trip to promote the provision of solar energy to the Virgin Islands. Local government representatives there are pleading with the Regime to give this project millions of taxpayer dollars.

The Biden administration is under pressure from local officials to support the territory’s venture into renewable energy. USVI Governor Albert Bryan made a pipe dream announcement in March about converting St. Croix’s grid to 100 percent solar electricity in 90 days.

Taxpayers will pay for it, not Virgin Islanders. The cost of solar will seem to be almost entirely free because the Department of Energy will be paying the bill. Politically advantageous for the governor, but not so advantageous for the tax payers because of the cost associated with the free price tag. FEMA has actually already made a deposit on a major $200 million solar project.

Additionally, USVI government authorities want Biden to assist the USVI Water and Power Authority (WAPA). Williams claims that despite spending billions of public dollars, WAPA has already destroyed the electrical grid.

Biden’s disregard for the interests of American taxpayers is well known to all. The Virgin Islands’ financial future will depend on how crucial Biden views the American territory to his fraudulent Green New Deal scheme.


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