Biden Stares Off Into Space As Reporters Beg For Responses

Biden Stares Off Into Space As Reporters Beg For Responses (VIDEO)


Journalists and spectators alike took notice of Joe Biden’s long periods of stillness during Friday’s news conference. As reporters waited expectantly for the President to respond to their pointed questions, he seemed to be deep in contemplation and remained silent.

What followed was a minute-long silence that nobody could explain, leaving the press corps flustered.


Biden’s critics have long contended that his failure to respond quickly to questions casts doubt on his mental health and capacity to properly carry out the obligations of the president.

As concerns grew about the present administration’s openness and ability to communicate, questions about the economy, foreign policy, and domestic crises went unaddressed.

This worrying event followed a string of others in which Biden appeared distant or uninterested in public settings, raising questions about his mental health.

Biden’s relative quiet is striking in comparison to the fiery and outspoken personalities of his predecessors, such as Trump.

Biden has held the fewest press conferences of any modern American president.



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