Biden’s Senility Strikes Again


Even though it’s only noon, Joe Biden’s dementia has had a stellar day on Wednesday.

RedState previously reported that Biden, when addressing a conference on hunger and nutrition, made a tribute to the late congresswoman Jackie Walorski in one of the more amazing and heartbreaking moments of his administration. Walorski was a co-sponsor of the legislation that created the event before she tragically passed her in a traffic accident. Despite making a speech about her and just signing a law intended to remember her, Biden seems to have forgotten about her dying.

Even worse, the White House reportedly stopped a tribute video from playing following the president’s breathtaking moment. To sum up, the president was unaware that Walorski had passed away, and as a result of his advancing senility, his advisers were forced to postpone the ceremony honoring her in order to save Biden more humiliation. When you put it all together, it’s simply absurd.

Unfortunately, there was when everything went downhill. The president made his “where’s Jackie” joke after delivering remarks at the White House honoring “Disability Pride Month,” and then this occurred.

This is one of those times where reading the quote will give you an idea of how horrible things were, but seeing the video will give you the full impact. It’s not simply that the president goes off stage, and Jill Biden nonchalantly motions for him to leave the platform. It’s that once she does, Biden then trails her and appears to be walking dead. His feet moving in a manner akin to your 94-year-old granny, his arms hanging still.

Because the past president went slowly down a damp ramp, the mainstream media demanded that Donald Trump be ousted using the 25th Amendment. But when it comes to Biden, they utterly disregard what’s going on and maintain that everyone who brings it up is lying. But by watching the two films up there, you can be sure that nothing is being misrepresented. The president is genuinely in as horrible of health as he appears, and it’s downright cruel that Jill Biden and the rest of his aides still treat him this way merely to gain fleeting fame and power.


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