Blue State Turns Parents Into The Enemy

Parents Under ATTACK - Blue State's Alarming Agenda!


Last Friday, the California State Assembly approved a bill that establishes a requirement for judges handling child custody cases. This requirement entails that judges must take into account whether a parent acknowledges a child’s belief in their transgender identity.

Initially, AB 957 stipulated that in custody cases, judges had to assess whether each parent acknowledged and affirmed the child’s gender identity. However, in June, an amendment was introduced, outlining the state’s standards for parental responsibility. Under this new provision, parents deemed suitable for child custody will be obligated to affirm and support their child’s gender identity.

Numerous individuals expressed their strong disapproval on X, formerly referred to as Twitter, regarding the legislation that might jeopardize a parent’s ability to gain custody of their child solely based on their acknowledgment and support of the child’s transgender identity.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and the proprietor of X, pointed out that the bill implies that any parent who differs from the other parent on the subject of gender-affirming procedures for their child would forfeit custody. He further described this as “utter madness!”

Chloe Cole, a person who underwent gender de-transitioning after initiating transition treatments at the age of 13, and who has often spoken out about the potential risks of these procedures for minors, also expressed her opposition to the bill. She observed that the legislation is advocating for a highly unpopular position and criticized the California Governor for persistently promoting radical policies.

Mary Margaret Olohan, a senior reporter at the Daily Signal, likewise suggested that it was now a suitable time for families to consider relocating from California.


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