BREAKING – Did Trump Already Choose His New VP


As voting for the midterm elections was still going on Election Day, the former president Donald Trump continued to make hints about a potential run for the White House in the future.

Though he has not yet formally declared his intention to run for president in 2024, Donald Trump said on Tuesday at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida that he will choose his running mate very soon.

Trump responded that we will soon find out in response to a reporter’s question about his vice presidential choice.

He hinted on Monday that he would make a major statement on November 15, at his house in Mar-A-Lago,

Donald Trump may declare his presidential candidacy in 2024 as soon as next week, but the sources emphasized that conversations about the specifics, including a date, were still in the early stages.

Before Tuesday’s midterm elections, several Republicans tried to convince former President Donald Trump not to declare a bid for the presidency out of concern that it may increase Democratic turnout.

Just one day before the midterm elections, the former president allegedly considered making his candidacy announcement at the Ohio rally. However, he stated he decided to wait so as not to diminish the significance of the elections.


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