Bystander Flips Biden The Bird During Another Delaware Bike Ride


When someone gave Vice President Joe Biden the bird and asked where his training wheels were, he was out biking in/around Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. There is profanity throughout the event, which was captured on film.

Recently, President Joe Biden also overturned his bicycle while riding it in Delaware. He received criticism for the incident because the bicycle was hardly moving.

A White House representative stated, “The President said, his foot got caught on the pedal while dismounting and he is fine. No medical attention is needed. The President looks forward to spending the rest of the day with his family.”

After falling, Biden knelt down to speak to a young person who was waiting along the president’s path in Rehoboth Beach and inquired about what it’s like to be the leader of the nation.

The girl who declared her intention to run for president in the future was photographed by the president after that.

Joe Biden, the president, just fell UP the steps as he boarded Air Force One.

President Joe Biden stated that it is time to take action against crime and gun violence and that all parties should do so, but he later ate his own words when he actually tumbled UP the stairs as he boarded Air Force One to travel to California.

Biden has resigned after two closely watched elections in California, one in San Francisco, where the liberal district attorney was ousted, and the other in Los Angeles, where a hard-line Republican defeated a liberal Democrat in the race for mayor, revealed how voters were prioritizing rising crime.


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