California Patriots AMBUSH Biden Motorcade


In a humorous video from California, a sizable group of fervently nationalistic Trump supporters confront Biden.

Benny Johnson’s twitter profile, which has recently been immensely popular by spreading viral videos like the one above, has seen close to a million views of the video.

A sizable group of irate Trump fans can be seen in the video telling Brandon that they are sick of his crap while displaying a profusion of anti-Biden and pro-Trump signs.

A man in a red MAGA hat runs alongside Biden’s car in the video at one point while carrying a large Trump 2024 flag and shouting, “Let’s Go Brandon,” at the same time.

However, Biden is so frail that it’s likely he had no idea what was happening. He might not have even realized his current condition.

It’s delightfully unexpected to see Californian Trump fans joining in with the catchy chant, as one would assume that anyone who hasn’t already fled the crumbling state is a fervent communist.

However, as we’ve seen this year, “FJB” or “Let’s Go Brandon” is actually the chant heard all around the world, not only in the United States.

This year’s college football season began with stadiums throughout the nation filling with students and supporters screaming the chant aloud.

The chant will also unavoidably be present at any type of concert that attracts even a moderately conservative audience, occasionally drawing in the performer as well.

This past week, Jill Biden made the error of attending a Philadelphia Eagles game in the public eye. She was greeted by an unrepentant, raucous “FJB” chant.

Watching her attempt to ignore the enraged crowd and play it off was nearly embarrassing.

The phrase is used not just in the United States, as was demonstrated by the fact that Biden was greeted by a group of British people screaming “let’s go Brandon” as his convoy pulled up to the Queen’s burial.


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