Chinese Envoy to US Removed from Post for Having Affair

Diplomatic SCANDAL - Top Official Is GONE!


According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, China’s senior envoy to the U.S. was sent home after it was learned that he had fathered a kid with his American lover.

After barely six months in service, the Chinese Communist Party began investigating Qin Gang, the 57-year-old ambassador. He vanished for a month, and a career diplomat named Wang Yi took his position.

The scandal has caused anxiety among Chinese officials who fear that the ambassador may have jeopardized China’s national security. The CCP probe reportedly has Qin’s full cooperation.

In reality, Qin was ousted from his position for what senior CCP leaders called “lifestyle reasons,” a frequent euphemism in China for sexual misconduct. According to the WSJ, the CCP officials who commented on the matter were not given the woman’s or child’s names. The authorities are also in the dark about when the incident occurred, how long it lasted, and the age of the minor involved.

The name Qin has been circulating among intelligence agencies all around the world. The CCP allegedly learned that Qin was a double agent working for the United States through Russian intelligence agents. According to Taiwanese intelligence officials, the CCP is not only looking into his American mistress, but also into a second mistress who lives in the United Kingdom.

Qin was a “measured and careful diplomat,” according to spies, but apparently not careful enough to avoid having a love kid while stationed abroad.

According to reports, CCP leader Xi Jinping personally selected Qin for his job. His rapid rise through the ranks, from US envoy to vice premier in just two years, is indicative of Jinping’s faith in him.

The CCP is conducting a widespread purge of party officials accused of espionage, and Qin’s removal is part of this effort. Defense Minister Li Shangfu has recently been questioned by CCP officials. The political and civilian heads of China’s Rocket Force were sacked this summer without any explanation.


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