CIA Wiretap Revealed In Massive Leak

CIA WIRETAP Reported - Details Pouring In!


The United States conducts extensive spying on its allies, including South Korea, according to leaked confidential papers. The documents, which were recently shared on social media, imply that America exerted pressure on Seoul to supply weapons for the conflict in Ukraine. The national security adviser for South Korea, Kim Sung-han, informed the minister of foreign affairs that a change in policy would be necessary to abide by US demands.

According to reports, America was getting ready to purchase 100,000 rounds of 155mm artillery shells from South Korea to give to Ukraine. This goes against South Korea’s policy of avoiding providing lethal assistance. The report also described a discussion between Kim Sung-han and the Foreign Minister in which it was suggested that selling the weapons to Poland as a middleman may settle the conflict.

The conversation was labeled “signals intelligence,” indicating that it was obtained using a covert listening device or phone calls that were intercepted.

The US may suffer harm and embarrassment as a result of the leaks, which a user in the dark uploaded on the social networking platform Discord. Israel, a crucial US ally, was included in the findings as well. Another document forecasts that US pressure may induce Israel to supply Ukraine with weaponry, while one implies that the Israeli intelligence service Mossad has sponsored demonstrations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration.

The evaluations of Ukraine’s military prowess were maybe even more devastating. When Ukraine is getting ready to launch a significant counteroffensive somewhere in the spring, the news that its air defenses are weakening could prove to be especially perilous. According to one document, “By May, most of Ukraine’s critical national infrastructure outside Kyiv and two other areas in southwestern Ukraine will no longer have air-defense cover.”

According to the records, Russia has suffered between 189,500 and 223,000 losses, with 35,500 to 43,000 men dying in combat.

The social media platform Discord declared that it is working with law enforcement to find the leak’s source.


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