Classless Dem Rep Shows Her Character During Charity Baseball Game


During the Congressional Baseball Game, Congresswoman Linda Sanchez made a shocking move.

Republicans defeated Democrats by a score of 10-0 to win the annual contest, but one particular incident drew the eye of many viewers.

As she went past, the California congresswoman gave the Republican dugout the middle finger.

Flipping off the Republicans in the dugout is just a stupid and petty thing to do, especially considering how politically polarized the nation is right now.

A congresswoman in office ought to be aware of better.

In the event if the roles were reversed and a Republican turned on the Democrats, it would dominate American news for several weeks.

However, as of Friday morning, there was very little attention other than a few remarks on Twitter.

She was given a leadoff walk in the sixth inning with the Democrats behind 5-0. Then, she was substituted in for a pinch runner. She flipped off the Republicans in the opposing dugout nevertheless as she made her way back to the Democrats’ side of the field.

With the upcoming midterm elections, they’ll be even more angry in November. Even CNN has acknowledged that all the statistics favor the Republicans. Even CNN’s Harry Enten claimed that the impending wave is probably underestimated in the polls.

This game may be the ideal analogy for the month of November.

The aim of the game is to bring people together on the sports field for a short period of time to have fun and demonstrate some togetherness. Although we have previously saw a radical leftist fire up a GOP practice for the game, injuring several people and very close to murdering Rep. Steve Scalise, the game has generally remained that.


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