Climate Protesters Block Desperate Mother Trying To Take Child To Hospital In London

Climate Activists BLOCK Desperate Mom's Hospital Trip (VIDEO)


On Friday, a group of British environmentalists protesting in the streets of west London confronted and obstructed a distraught mother who said she needed to get through the mob to get her sick child to the hospital.

A angry mother yells at a Just Stop Oil protester, “I have got a baby in my car and we have to get to the hospital!” as she points to her stalled vehicle.

Other stopped cars honked at the mob to go on, but the man did not move from in front of her vehicle.

“Move now! Now!” the distressed mother yelled at one activist.

She hurried back to her car as other stopped motorists honked for the mob to move, but the protesters in orange vests continued to form a line across the entire width of the street.

Additional footage from the events shows frustrated onlookers assaulting protesters and pulling signs out of their hands.

The JSO reported that 160 people were participating in actions across the city to urge the UK government to stop issuing new oil and gas licenses.

Protesters carrying posters reading “We will not die quietly” took to the streets of London and conducted a silent sit-in in the lobby of the Fortnum & Mason department store.

Throwing orange powder near the 17th green at Royal Liverpool, several members of the environmental group — including one with a flare — briefly halted play.

While playing the hole, American golfer Billy Horschel assisted security in removing one of the demonstrators.

Two males and two females were taken into custody, according to a statement released by local law enforcement, “on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage and public nuisance.”

According to one of the individuals engaged, he hurried onto the green in an attempt to invoke change for a better future, as he told The Telegraph.

When will we finally act when we see enough children killed by wildfires? Leicestershire native and 19-year-old student Hailey Birch said.

This is not the kind of world in which I wish to exist, and I refuse to be a party to the government’s homicidal policies by remaining silent about them.

This week, police arrested a number of people in connection with protests that took place all around the city.

Major sporting events in Britain have been disrupted as a result of the situation, including Wimbledon, an Ashes cricket match, and the world snooker championship.

Over 2,350 people have been arrested since JSO began its disruption campaign on February 14, 2022.


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