Communist China Vows to Obliterate US Navy in War If It Aids Taiwan


China delivered one of its most forceful statements against the United States of America in history.

It vowed that any American force that comes to the rescue of Taiwan, a democratic US ally, will be destroyed.

The US Navy will lead any US operation to assist Taiwan in the event of a Communist Chinese invasion from the mainland.

Why communist China believes it can somehow overpower the US Navy is still a mystery. The US Navy remains the largest and most formidable naval force ever organized in human history.

Dduring negotiations in Singapore with Joe Biden’s Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, China’s Defense Minister Wei Fenghe made an open war threat against America.

Taiwan has never been controlled by Communist China.

Taiwan, which calls itself the Republic of China, has refrained from formally proclaiming independence from Beijing’s Communist People’s Republic of China.

Since the 1970s, the US has kept Beijing communists guessing about whether it will come to Taiwan’s help if they decide to invade the island militarily.

The prevailing assumption is that the United States would intervene to smash imperialist Chinese communists and preserve the free and democratic island.

During the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, the US defense secretary met with his communist Chinese counterpart, Wei Fenghe, who didn’t shy away from disclosing Beijing’s goal to invade Taiwan and demonstrating how aggressive Chinese communists felt against the US.

Wei chastised the US for its latest military sales to Taiwan during his discussion with Austin. The victim, it appears, has no right to self-defense in the eyes of the totalitarian aggressors.

Only Col. Wu Qian, the Chinese Ministry of Defense’s official spokesman, was aware of Wei’s remarks before Austin.

He informed Biden’s defense secretary that if Taiwan โ€“ backed by America โ€“ makes a formal proclamation of independence for the island, Beijing will fight war.

However, the increasingly violent communist provocations towards the democratic, freedom-loving island of Taiwan alarm the United States greatly.


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