Conservative Activist Attacked During Trans Rights Rally

Trans Rights Rally Turns VIOLENT - GOP Activist Attacked!


Popular conservative activist “Billboard Chris” appeared to be violently assaulted by aggressive transgender activists at a pro-trans rally in Vancouver, Canada

Even though police seemed to stop the attack after it started, the conservative activist said that Vancouver PD “did nothing” to stop the militant trans rally-goer from attacking him, other than make sure he didn’t get hurt more.

He also talked to an officer who was watching the rally that day. The officer said that both sides were to blame, which contradicted the conservative’s claim that he was protesting peacefully at the trans rally.

Billboard Chris, whose real name is Chris Elston, posted violent footage of fights he had with rally-goers that day on a common green in a Vancouver neighborhood.


Elston’s first video shows him talking with one of the rally attendees while he and a friend who was also filming the event. While this was going on, people who support transgender rights surrounded them and started touching them. Billboard Chris tried to get to his friend, but an activist blocked his way and told him firmly, “Don’t touch me at all!”

Another activist, who looked like a woman and was carrying a transgender flag, ran up to Elston with a pink marker and started writing on him. Chris said, “Oh, here we go. I’m already getting painted on.”

Suddenly, the camera jerked all over the place, showing that someone was pushing or hitting Elston from outside the frame. As it was happening, he could be heard saying, “Been here five seconds, and I’m already getting assaulted.”

Elston asked his friend, “Oh, am I bleeding already?” His friend said, “Yeah, you got a scratch.” Later, footage showed him with a cut on the bridge of his nose, which is likely the injury he was talking about in the video.

A second clip from Elston’s rally that day showed a much clearer version of a much worse attack from pro-trans people. This time, the attack on the activist was shown from a third-person point of view.

Elston’s friend took a video of him talking to an independent journalist about his time at the rally while he was standing in front of the protesters. As he was talking, a trans woman came up to him and the other man and started yelling at him, “You suck. Fβ€”- you. Fβ€”- you, you’re not wanted. Fβ€”- you. You’re an fβ€”β€”- idiot. Fβ€”- you!”

As Elston tried to talk about what happened that day into the microphone, the “Fβ€”- you” chant got louder, and other protesters began to gather around him and join in with the rude words.

The curses got louder and louder until they were yelled in his face. Elston kept his cool and just took out his own phone to try to record the crazy crowd around him. At that moment, the first person to yell at the conservative violently swung one arm at his throat and then the other arm at his head.

During the chaos, Elston was thrown to the ground, and the billboard signs he had on his body fell apart on the ground. The police didn’t do anything to calm things down until he was attacked violently.


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