Creepy Joe Strikes Again By Asking Everyone Under 15 To Come On Stage


At a White House celebration of the Atlanta Braves 2021 World Series triumph on Monday, President Joe Biden—possibly one of the creepiest politicians in American history—appeared a little bewildered. To put it another way, it’s simply another day with a “y” ending.

The squad presented him a shirt with his name on it after the president had concluded his brief speech. This, of course, was Biden’s effort at a witty wisecrack, though it was really nothing more than a lousy dad joke, as he turned to leave and whispered to a photographer, “Don’t jump.”

The group then informed Biden that they first wanted to take some photos. He nodded and then raised his jersey in front of the cameras. The only issue was that the waist was still rolled up.

Then, while cameras continued to take images, the commander-in-chief turned his head and began yelling at team members. He turned to go once again. Folks, this man genuinely has no idea who or what he is or where he is in the world. He was urged to remain motionless by the photographers who were doing the shot. A few others prompted him to raise his jersey for the photographs. And that is just what he did.

Up until he noticed some young people in the audience and started beckoning them to approach the platform. Your Creepy Joe radar should be blaring out loud and clear at this point in the narrative.

Anyone else feel a chill up and down their spine after that? Eww.

The president talked to some young lads after that before moving to an older girl. The unfortunate girl was invited to come over by him. People, be ready because this definitely gives you the heebie-jeebies.


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