Dave Chappelle’s New Special Angers Left-Wingers

TRIGGERED - American Star ENRAGES Leftists


Liberals are outraged by Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix comedy special. Liberals have condemned the comedian as a bigot who is “fixated on the trans community” after watching “The Dreamer,” which features unedited subject matter similar to his prior stand-up routines.

“The Dreamer” premiered on December 31, 2023. The roughly one-hour comedy routine, so far, has an 85% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, although the majority of critics haven’t been quite as kind in their reviews. They focus on Chappelle’s “punching down” approach, which places an emphasis on groups of people who are marginalized and therefore easy targets. Business Insider writes that “anti-woke” material has become a controversial topic — one Netflix has turned into a lucrative brand.

Visiting the set of “Man on the Moon” in the late 1990s and engaging with method actor Jim Carrey is supposedly where “The Dreamer” starts, according to Variety. He expresses his dissatisfaction with spending the day with the actor, who insisted on staying in character during filming, and says that transsexual people irritate him too. He continues by claiming he has had enough of trans people and will not speak negatively about them anymore because they are a nuisance, but then he immediately adds that maybe he should just make light of the situation with jokes. He continues by saying that he’s changing his target to the disabled since “they’re not as organized as the gays” and he takes pleasure in picking on the helpless.

It is delivered by Chapelle. The paraplegic former North Carolina representative Madison Cawthorn is reportedly the target of one of his subsequent attacks, said USA Today. According to him, Chappelle “skipped” away after meeting the crippled politician because he decided to do something Cawthorn couldn’t do.

As promised, Chappelle uses the California prison system as a punchline, keeping to his vow to keep trans jokes to a minimum. In the event that he is ever sentenced to prison time, he expresses his desire to be imprisoned in California. He will merely inform the judge that he identifies as a woman.


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