Democrat Lawmaker Calls Republicans ‘Terrorists’ For Demanding Fiscal Responsibility

Dem Lawmaker Calls Republicans Terrorists (VIDEO)


In an interview with CNN on Monday morning, Representative Steve Cohen, a Democrat from Tennessee, talked about the ongoing discussions regarding the debt ceiling. He also criticized Republicans by referring to them as ‘terrorists’ due to their strong emphasis on fiscal responsibility.

Cohen’s partisan critique portrayed Republicans as legislative terrorists, expressing his dissatisfaction with the level of support President Joe Biden was receiving in Washington, D.C.

Lawmakers from the Democratic party, such as Representative Cohen, seem to have adopted a strategy of demonizing their opponents instead of engaging in a reasoned debate regarding the future of our nation’s economic well-being.

Republicans have expressed their discontent with the proposal put forth by the White House, which suggests that Congress should maintain funding for various domestic programs like housing aid, education, and scientific research. Republicans perceive this as inadequate given the increasing demands and expenses, particularly in areas related to defense and security.

Several GOP members have pointed out that the proposal presented by the White House would essentially result in cuts when accounting for year-over-year inflation. As a result, Republicans have rejected this offer and persistently advocate for increased spending on defense and security, even if it requires more significant reductions in domestic spending programs.

Furthermore, Republicans have raised concerns about the negotiation approach adopted by the White House. They argue that, under President Biden’s leadership, the White House modified its offer during the ongoing negotiations. The White House aims to allocate a higher amount of spending compared to the previous year, a decision that Republicans consider irresponsible given the magnitude of the existing deficit.

The approaching deadline for a potential default by June 1 has generated increasing apprehension, underscoring the necessity for prudent decisions to prevent economic harm in the months ahead.


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