Dems Deal Massive Blow To Brandon


Democrats are criticizing President Joe Biden and his Ukraine policy, calling for Biden and his team to alter their approach to handling the conflict. This is a significant setback for Biden. In the event that they win the House, the GOP has said that they would stop supporting Biden’s initiatives in order to modify his policies for him.

Joe Biden is in a difficult situation as a result of losing support from his own party.

The first time prominent members of his own party have pushed him to adjust his approach to Ukraine, a group of 30 House liberals are pleading with President Biden to fundamentally alter his policy on the Ukraine war and pursue direct dialogue with Russia.

The letter may put pressure on Biden as he tries to maintain domestic support for the war effort in light of the region’s impending potentially harsh winter and Republicans’ threats to reduce funds should they win back control of Congress.

The 30 Democrats ask Biden to combine the tremendous economic and military support the US is giving Ukraine with a diplomatic push, redoubling efforts to create a workable framework for a truce, in a letter that is being led by Rep. Pramila Jayapal.

“The longer the war in Ukraine goes on the greater the risk of escalation—to widespread, devastating effect. We should have no illusions about the challenge ahead of us but my colleagues and I are urging the administration to engage in a proactive diplomatic push in an effort to seek a realistic framework for a cease-fire.”


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