Dems Panic After Painful Debate


A discussion between Republican Mehmet Oz and Democrat John Fetterman, the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania finally took place. The Democratic contender has been putting off a debate for weeks due to his difficulty digesting speech following a stroke in May. He ultimately came to the conclusion that he felt secure enough to debate the former surgeon.

The Democratic candidate’s performance received mixed reviews. There are supposedly some Leftists who are apprehensive.

On October 25, Fetterman addressed the major medical issue at the outset of the discussion. The lieutenant governor admitted to having a health issue. “I had a stroke. Oz’s never let me forget that,” he remarked.

The Democrat continued by admitting that there could be occasions throughout the debate when he would struggle and might miss some words or muddle two phrases together, but he vowed to continue.

Indeed, the Democratic candidate had difficulty the entire time. He watched television with closed captioning since he had speech impediments. He spoke slowly throughout the proceedings and occasionally appeared to struggle to articulate his policies.

According to former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, the Senate candidate shouldn’t have participated in the debate.

Fetterman’s refusal to make all of his medical information public is one of the problems he faces. Republicans have requested him to make them public on numerous occasions, but the Democrat has continued to refuse. He claimed during the discussion that the fact that his doctor had cleared him and thought he was qualified to serve was all that really mattered.

Some people are perplexed as to why the Democratic candidate won’t share his documents if Oz has already done so and is in fact qualified to hold office. In the end, Fetterman is not required to divulge his personal medical information to anyone.


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