Dems Ready To Convict President Biden

Dems Ready To Convict President Biden


On Friday, Senator Markwayne Mullin, a Republican from Oklahoma, mentioned that certain Democrats among his colleagues were receptive to the idea of President Joe Biden facing conviction in the event of impeachment.

This Wednesday, the House GOP successfully garnered adequate votes to formalize the impeachment inquiry against President Biden. The inquiry focuses on Biden’s purported connection to the foreign business ventures of his family, particularly his son Hunter Biden. Despite persistent claims from both the President and the White House asserting his non-involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings, the investigation continues.

Over the past several months, the House Oversight Committee has been conducting an examination of the Biden family. However, until this week, the Republican Party encountered challenges in securing the requisite votes to validate the investigation against the president.

During an appearance on Newsmax’s Wake Up America with Rob Finnerty, Mullin discussed the prevailing position of his colleagues in the aftermath of the recent vote to formalize the inquiry.

While engaging in discussions with moderate-leaning senators, Mullin asserted that they contended the House would present an “air-tight case” comprising explicit points and evidence indicating that President Biden has violated the law. Nonetheless, he highlighted that this approach might resonate primarily with those examining the case from a criminal perspective rather than adopting a bipartisan viewpoint.

Regarding the Democrats, Mullin continued by stating that they would be considering how to proceed with the conviction if there was evidence of a crime that could be proven guilty. He mentioned that this option had been raised by five separate senators.


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