Dems Threaten To Imprison Journalist

Dems Threaten To Imprison Journalist


A well-known journalist named Matt Taibbi is suffering severe repercussions for speaking out against influential people.

When Taibbi posted his evidence on Twitter after testifying in a case involving a Democratic Party official, he was charged with perjury. Taibbi’s evidence gave insight on the allegation that the person involved used their position to terminate a prosecutor for political purposes.

However, some Democrats are attempting to intimidate Taibbi by threatening to arrest him for perjury rather than responding to the accusations. This is an obvious attempt to intimidate and gag a journalist who is simply doing out their duty by covering significant problems.


It’s critical that we defend press freedom and back journalists who are telling the truth to authority. We run the risk of losing one of democracy’s fundamental pillars if the press isn’t free and independent. Journalists need to be able to carry out their duties without worrying about reprisals or penalties.

We need to support journalists who are working for openness and accountability and hold those in authority accountable for any attempts to stifle the press. The difficulties that journalists encounter are illustrated by Taibbi’s case, but it is essential that we continue to uphold and defend press freedom.


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