Father Arrested After Encouraging Teen Daughter’s Suicide Attempt



A man from Florida is currently imprisoned for urging his 13-year-old pregnant daughter to take her own life, resulting in a deeply disturbing incident where she made an actual suicide attempt. The father’s lack of empathy caused severe emotional distress to the young girl. Subsequently, he fled to the northern region, but law enforcement apprehended him a few days afterwards.

In Ormond Beach, Florida, on April 12, law enforcement responded to a residence following a woman’s report about her boyfriend’s encouragement of their daughter’s suicide. The woman informed investigators that five days prior, during her daughter’s birthday celebration in her room with friends, she had a phone conversation with her father on speakerphone.

Allegedly, Gared Wayne Canales went on an astonishing tirade against the girl, using derogatory language such as “pregnant and worthless,” “sl*t who*e,” and pushing her to take her own life, albeit without explicitly stating it. At least one of the girl’s friends verified this account to the police, and the mother informed an officer that Canales has a history of verbally mistreating others.

During the following 48 hours, the girl began engaging in self-harm by making superficial cuts on her arms. She used a shattered glass piece from a framed photo of herself and her father, which she had broken with a baseball bat.

Subsequently, on April 10, she ingested 14 Benadryl tablets. When the girl confessed her actions, her mother promptly took her to a hospital to have her stomach pumped. It was during this time that Canales fled from their residence. On April 14, a warrant for his arrest was issued by the police, and he was eventually located and apprehended in Massachusetts by the authorities.

In June, he was transported back to Florida through extradition procedures. Currently, he remains in the Flagler County Jail without the option for bail, as he faces charges of felony child abuse and a misdemeanor parole violation filed by the authorities. Furthermore, a judge issued a restraining order preventing him from having any contact with his daughter. The public defender’s office is providing legal representation for him, but they have refrained from making any statements regarding this distressing case.


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