FBI Arrests Leaked Pentagon Files Suspect

White House UPDATE - Leaker Details Known!


During a recent news conference, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated that the Pentagon will take whatever steps are necessary to find out what or who leaked the sensitive Pentagon documents. These documents supposedly provide top-secret details on Ukraine’s military vulnerability in its conflict with Russia. Austin must have been right because a suspect has been arrested.

On social media sites like Facebook and Telegram, a number of classified Pentagon documents that contained details about the conflict in Ukraine were published. Additionally, the records covered a wide range of national security issues, which caused government organizations and US lawmakers to wonder what or who may have been responsible for the leaks.

The Biden administration takes this whole situation “very seriously,” Austin told reporters in a press conference, adding that the White House will never stop “keeping America secure” even though he is unable to provide much information while the US Justice Department investigates the leak.

Austin added that this top-secret information was on the web and that it is still unknown who or what gained access to it, adding that US officials will “turn over every rock” until they uncover the real source of the leak. It appears that one of the rocks that was turned over revealed a lead.

An Air National Guardsman named Jack Teixeira, 21, was charged on Thursday, April 13 with leaking the data to the internet chat service Discord. On Thursday, Teixeira was taken into custody by federal investigators at his Massachusetts residence.

Teixeira was an Air National Guard journeyman in cybersecurity systems. The highest level of top-secret information security clearance is provided for this post by the federal government. This begs the important issues of what more information the accused might have had access to and what additional information might have leaked.


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