Feds Unlocked Border Gates to Welcome Illegals in America


The Biden administration continues to permit illegal immigrants to enter the US despite former President Trump’s efforts to secure the US southern border by investing billions to build a border wall.

In a widely shared video, federal authorities are shown opening border gates for illegal immigrants, letting them enter the country without being subjected to any security procedures.

According to data from Customs and Border Protection, the footage from the Texas-Mexico border was released at a time when the nation is already struggling with record-breaking illegal immigration (CBP).

Several immigrants may be seen in Mexico standing behind a locked gate in one camera clip. Once the door was unlocked, federal authorities could be seen in a subsequent video opening it without even frisking the nearly 25 illegal aliens who were now allowed entry into the nation.

Right-wing stakeholders have widely criticized the frightening videos. Texas Governor Greg Abbott described the incident as outrageous and pointed out that the federal government is undoing all the safety safeguards put in place by conservative states.

Additionally, Abbott stated that the Biden administration’s open border policy is fueling an unprecedented crisis that needs to be prevented at all costs.

The Texas state government and the US federal government have glaring contrasts, as this border event also demonstrates.

The Texas National Guard, which is under the command of the state’s Republican governor, reportedly sealed the gate. Texas National Guard members kept watch while CBP officers unlocked the gate while federal agents were being observed by them.

Abbott has taken up a prominent role in the Republican effort to thwart illegal immigration into the United States since Biden’s inauguration.

He is taking illegal immigrants to blue areas, especially New York City and Washington, DC, alongside Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, making Democrats face the repercussions of their own progressive policies.

Nearly 10,000 illegal immigrants have so far been transferred to Washington, DC, and New York City, which has outraged the liberal governments of these cities.


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