First Lady Bemoans Crises Facing Her Husband’s Presidency


The difficulties Joe Biden has faced as president are well known. He is frequently attacked for his views on climate change, illegal immigration, inflation, and other issues.

Americans’ rising disdain of Biden is still being observed in polls. The majority of Americans, however, think he should not run for president in 2024 because they think he is unsuited for the job.

Biden has been criticized for his poor performance due to rising prices, rising crime rates, the chaotic pullout from Afghanistan that resulted in the lives of 13 US servicemen, etc.

Jill Biden, the first lady, is now lamenting the very difficulties that have continued to develop in America under her husband’s leadership.

The First Lady spoke at a Nantucket fundraising gathering and got off topic when she started talking about the unfairness she feels her husband is experiencing in office.

The president, according to Biden, had a lot of dreams and goals when he first took office, but they are frequently derailed by the problems he has to deal with.

The First Lady argued that her husband was being treated like a baby and that he couldn’t have known that Roe v. Wade would be overturned or that Russian forces would besiege Ukraine.

Jill Biden continued by saying that she plans to focus her attention on issues like cancer, higher education, and military families for the remainder of her tenure as first lady.

Last but not least, the first lady asserted that Joe Biden’s re-election as president in 2020 was about good triumphing over evil.


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