Florida Father Arrested For Murdering Son, Leaving Body For Granddad

Father Accused Of UNTHINKABLE ACT Against His Son


In Florida, a 37-year-old father by the name of Stephan Thomas Rodda has been apprehended on charges of allegedly killing his 16-year-old son, Stephen Lee Rodda. The accusations suggest that he utilized a powerful cutting tool referred to as an angle grinder in the tragic incident.

The event transpired within a mobile residence situated in Polk County, creating a significant impact on the local community.

The distressing incident came to public attention when Rodda made an effort to leave the area following the purported violent act. Nevertheless, law enforcement personnel managed to capture him in the vicinity of Old Bartow Road in Lake Wales, effectively halting his escape attempt.

At the moment of his unfortunate passing, the young victim, Stephen, was a junior enrolled at Frostproof High School.

Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, in a press briefing, conveyed the seriousness of the matter and strongly denounced Rodda’s actions.

The events preceding this heartbreaking incident paint a multifaceted picture. Stephen had been residing with his 67-year-old grandfather, Thomas Rodda, in order to offer support while his grandmother underwent rehabilitation.

During that fateful day, Thomas temporarily left the mobile home to visit his wife, returning later in the morning. It was during this time that he confronted Stephan and was faced with a disturbing admission.

The revelation, though deeply unsettling, did not entirely come as a surprise, as Thomas had previously observed Rodda making strange remarks. Upon entering the mobile home, Thomas made the grim find of his grandson’s deceased body in the dining room.

Initial inquiries suggest that Rodda employed an angle grinder, a potent cutting and grinding tool, as the alleged weapon in this tragic incident.

The motive behind this distressing event continues to be subject to investigation, leaving numerous inquiries unanswered. Nevertheless, as more information becomes available, it has become apparent that Rodda possessed an extensive criminal record, with a history of residing in several states, including Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

The sheriff also noted the existence of an unresolved warrant for Rodda in South Carolina, although extradition was not pursued due to the nature of the charge. Additionally, it has been reported that Rodda had a history of substance misuse, including the use of methamphetamine, which dated back to his high school years.


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