Gavin Newsom Leaves California On Personal Travel During Devastating Winter Storms

CA Gov ABANDONS State - Escapes to MEXICO During Storm


Throughout the severe winter storms that have dumped feet of snow in certain areas of the state, critics have been ripping Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom for taking “personal time” off.

While his administration refuses to comment on such topics owing to what they claim are security concerns, it is unknown where Newsom went; nevertheless, the governor is said to have departed California on Wednesday after visiting the Diablo Canyon power facility near Avila Beach.

Eleni Kounalakis, the acting Democratic governor, was urged by Kiley to “immediately seek a Major Disaster Declaration from the President,” stressing that some of the state’s storm-affected residents remained without electricity and in need of supplies.

It is unknown why Newsom chose to leave the state as the hurricane crisis continues as well as after on Wednesday announcing a state of emergency in 13 counties around the state, including Los Angeles.

Newsom has received criticism for taking personal trips outside of the state before. He received criticism last year for taking a trip to Montana even though it was one of the 22 states where he had barred state-funded travel due to divergent LGBT-related legislation.


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