GOP Rep Sounds Alarm on Connection Between Cartels and the China


Few Americans are aware of where the fentanyl that cartels smuggle into the US comes from or which enemy country is responsible for its smuggling, despite the fact that many Americans are aware of how terrible and lethal the narcotic is.

Red China initiates the process by supplying the precursor chemicals that would otherwise be difficult to obtain to the murderous cartels in Mexico, even though the cartels are the ones who take the last step and smuggle the society-rotting, killing drug across the border.

Red China is still one of the key countries supplying the precursor chemicals to the cartels, according to a recent DEA report, even though some of the flow of fentanyl from it to the cartels is slowing down.

Currently, China continues to be the principal supplier of all fentanyl-related substances trafficked into the United States, as well as the leading source of fentanyl and fentanyl-related substances trafficked through international mail and express consignment operations. Chinese-sourced fentanyl seizures often weigh less than one kilogram and frequently have concentrations of pure fentanyl above 90%.

Some lawmakers are brave enough to call out the Red Chinese for their cartel link and being the cause of America’s fentanyl problems, despite the China doves within the administration, many of whom have substantial economic interests in Red China, having a clear incentive in playing it down.

Brian Babin is one such GOP representative. He recently asserted that by transporting such poison across borders, the Red Chinese and its cartel allies had inadvertently declared war on the US.

He further said, “Fentanyl is a drug that belongs in the operating room. It certainly doesn’t belong on the streets. It certainly doesn’t belong in a capsule or a tablet disguised as another drug to be taken by some unsuspecting person. You could be thinking you’re taking a Tylenol and the next thing you know you’re overdosing and dying on fentanyl.”


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