Half of Americans Think Biden is Dividing the Nation


Joe Biden ran for president in 2020 on a number of pledges that he has since proved he lacks the resources to follow through on.

For example, Biden declared that he would not impose COVID immunizations, but he quickly backtracked on this commitment. Luckily, the Supreme Court blocked Biden’s largest mandate, which would have affected workers across the country.

Biden has declared on the campaign trail that electing him would result in the abolition of cancer. This hasn’t happened thus far. The pledge made by the 46th president to eradicate COVID is no exception.

In the roughly one year that Biden has been president, COVID instances have skyrocketed.

However, one of the most important commitments that Biden betrayed was his pledge to bring the country together.

According to 49 percent of American citizens, the president is doing more to separate the country than to bring it together. Only 42% of Americans believe Biden is doing more to bring the country together than to divide it. While five out of ten Independents believe Biden has done more to divide the country, 92 percent of Republicans agree. More than eight out of 10 Democrats, on the other hand, consider the president as a unifying figure.

The writing is on the wall in this case. Biden is facing a growing backlash as he gets more authoritarian. It’s past time for this government to sail away, acknowledging that an increasing proportion of Americans dislike and reject their governance.


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