Here’s The Reason They Don’t Show The Wide Shot At Biden’s Events


Over the last week, Joe Biden has attended a few campaign-related events, including one in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

The topic of a safer America was what Biden was supposed to be discussing, but instead, he spent a lot of time assaulting millions of Americans by condemning MAGA Republicans and fabricating facts about January 6. John Fetterman, one of the candidates Biden was stumping for, couldn’t even be bothered to attend because of how unpopular he is. Biden utterly lost track of who was running for what office, what was written in the Constitution, and shown a lack of knowledge of firearms.

Additionally, Biden made fun of anyone who would need to defend themselves against a tyrannical government by telling them they’d need an F-15.

Behind him was the little gathering of folks who had the signs placed up. The individuals behind him appeared to be union members who were ordered to leave, aside from the few police officers that were present. Most of the time, they appeared to wish they were somewhere else. In front of Biden, there was a larger crowd of people. But it wasn’t thousands like the crowds that support President Donald Trump, so the attempt to make it appear that way very well failed. Just a sorrowful gaze.

No matter what the Democrats attempt to spin about Biden, the crowd in Wilkes Barre is consistent with his popularity rating being in the bottom half.


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